What should I consider in modifying my parents home who are seniors over 80 years old with mobility and cognitive decline?


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My parents are getting up there in age. I don’t want to send them to a skilled nursing facility or assisted living. I rather they both stay in the house and we bring services they need to them.

I want to be able to modify the house and make it more safe and free of  clutter and hazards. What are some other things I should be looking at to get this done?

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    It is probably best to work with a local home care agency to address their functional needs and activities of daily living. First ask yourself what are they capable and incapable of doing around the house. If there are too many obstacles or clutter around the home. Make sure to provide clear the paths to avoid falls. Especially at night during trips to the bathroom.

    Install sturdy grab bars around the home and bathroom if you find they hold on to objects a lot while navigating the home. If mobility is a big concern. Try to have bedside commodes near the bed rather than having them walk in the dark to get to the bathroom. Night lights around the home are good so visibility at in the dark is improved.

    This is just a few things. You can always google barrier free home ideas to see what other things you can do to improve safety in the home.

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